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Fresh Outpouring 2021

This is your finest hour for the activation, manifestation and demonstration of The Apostolic and Prophetic Mandate! The time is now and the moment is here for your supernatural equipping by the Holy Ghost for Greater Signs and Amazing Wonders. Join Bishop Senyo Bulla and The Breakthrough Churches for these power packed, prophetic encounters. According to the scriptures “

(It is the Lord that advanced Moses and Aaron) ……..1Samuel 12: 6
I prophesy your supernatural advancement by the wonders of the hand of God.

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Bishop Senyo Bulla

Bishop Senyo Bulla known as the Apostle of strategic breakthroughs, he is a prayer general who walks in the office of a Prophet with signs, wonders and miracles. As the founder and Presiding Bishop of the Breakthrough Churches, he is a revivalist, author and TV/ Radio Evangelist with a powerful teaching ministry.

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